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From Wooldreamers:

Legend has it that in the old town of MOTA, a young woman named Doña Elena was captured by an army commanded by King Caid. The king wanted to make Doña Elena a "Cautiva", a captured wife for his son, Prince Ali.

When Doña Elena refused to obey the king’s orders, she was locked high in the tower of LA MOTA, where the soldiers walled up the door, and left her to starve.

Months passed before a rescuing army came to recover the town of Mota. When they conquered the tower, the soldiers were sure they would find Doña Elena dead after so many months of isolation. Yet, when they tore down the wall that covered the entrance to her cell everyone was shocked to see Doña Elena weak, but still alive!
"How did you survive?" They all exclaimed.
"It’s a miracle" She said weakly,
"I drank the meager drops of dew that collected on a pitcher and a miraculous raven brought me a bit of bread each morning.”

Doña Elena was freed from the tower and recovered from her ordeal. Since then, in honor of the incredible bird that saved her, the town of MOTA has been called MOTA DEL CUERVO.

Like Doña Elena in the tower, Spanish wool and its many uses had been abandoned, left weakened and close to death. Thanks to the entire Wooldreamers community, we have been acting as the raven, helping to revive and support this vital resource.

This is how Cautiva was born, a collection with the same wool and heart as Mota, now available in a lighter weight. This collection will amplify the possibilities for all types of projects using the wool of our local flocks, sending a beam of hope for the future of wool in Spain.

100% Spanish Wool

170m / 186yds

10×10 cm (3mm): 24 stitches / 34 rows

Suggested needles: 2.5-4mm, US 11⁄2 - 6