About Busywork

Who's Behind the Scenes

With the exception of some very helpful friends and family, Busywork is a two and a half person operation! My name is Bernadette. I've been knitting and crafting for a very long time. Peter isn’t much of a knitter yet, but he’s always there to get things done. Ramona is works part time, when she’s not attending preschool and eating snacks. She’s the number one button sorter.

The Products

Busywork Craft Supply was born from a desire for high quality craft supplies that feel good to use. As a long time knitter and crafter, many of my tools were inherited from my great grandmother or found at thrift stores and estate sales. The vintage tools served me so well. They were built to last and they were stylish at the same time. 

When I source supplies for Busywork, I look for modern items that have the same qualities I appreciate so much in my vintage tools. I look for small companies who take pride in their work and ethics.

The Community

Busywork moved from St. Louis, MO all the way to Martinez, CA. We've found our home in historic Downtown Martinez and we couldn't be more thrilled. Come visit at 605 Main St!  For shop updates, check out the official Busywork Craft Supply Instagram and Ravelry group. You can find links at the bottom of the page.