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Sock Soap

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Sock soap is a gentle, effective, and beautiful smelling soap for your handknits and delicates. The soap has all natural ingredients, including lanolin which will soften wool and other natural fibers. Additionally, each bar is totally plastic free, making it more sustainable and creating less waste than liquid detergent alternatives. At Busywork, we have found this bar to be longer lasting than liquid wool washes of similar size and price. 

To use the bars, lather the soap under running water as you fill you wash basin, tub, or washing machine. For extra cleaning, you can rub the bar directly onto the soles of your socks. Soak the items for ten minutes, and rinse. 

Each bar is approximately 4 oz and handcrafted in Ohio by Tuft Woolens. 

The Scents:

Tomato Vine Fragrance: Green and Fresh
                       Essential oils & Extracts: Basil & Lemon

Lavender Apple Fragrance: Crisp and fresh
                       Essential oils & Extracts: French Lavender

Summertime Fragrance: Green grass and Summer wildflowers

Vanilla Almond Fragrance: Soft and sweet
                      Essential oils & Extracts: Sweet almond oil and vanilla oleoresin

Refresh Fragrance: Invigorating
               Essential oils & Extracts: Organic peppermint and Spanish Rosemary                             essential oils.

Black Tea & Bergamot Fragrance: Bergamot and lime mix with earl gray tea leaves                   and a touch of beeswax

Fresh Air Fragrance: Fresh and Light
                 Essential oils & Extracts: Sicilian Lemon, Mandarin orange, Vetiver